In collaboration with the relevant stakeholders both local and international, ACCARD will coordinate efforts that will;

  • Educate the people on relevant climate and/or environment management (Including plastics in the environment), social and health related issues.
  • Organize African communities negotiate their own prosperity by identifying and contributing to self-development through planning and participation.
  • Collaborate with governments at all levels, multi-national agencies and international communities efforts to Africa development, especially the rural communities and less privilege group(s).
  • Collaborate with donor organizations in areas of common interest and support to decent livelihood. As well as, key players in government, communities and institutions to develop strategies for improvement.
  • Organize activities that will act as community voice, especially for the deprived and less privileged (with inadequate health facilities, portable water and poor environmental sanitation), and lobby support for alleviating these inadequate condition and improving living standard.
  • Promote societal development through good governance
  • Promote agricultural initiative and science and technology for community development projects.

Initiate and sustain environmental clubs in secondary and tertiary institutions in the states and Nigeria.