Embark on meaningful projects of immerse benefit to the people, directed towards increasing local livelihood standards and options. The Centre through will identify community needs through organized consultative forum (i.e. town hall meetings), and other focus group meetings (youths, men and women) in the communities of Afrcian states. Further, prioritize similar actions in line with their needs and benefits. ACCARD Initiative, will vigorously pursue the following projects, but not limited to;

(a) Good quality and portable water sources
(b) Build and maintain sanitary system
(c) Provide free health/medical services
(d) Promote girl child education
(e) Agriculture/farm storage and processing facilities
(f) Empower graduates from skill acquisition programmes at the center
(g) Empower farmers with farm cultivars, tools/equipment and training.
Promote innovation, research and development studies to improve climate and agricultural yield of identified communities, in addition to climate change adaptation schemes